Business Formation

There are a series of important decisions to make to legally register a business in Florida. One of the most important steps in forming a corporation is filing the “articles of incorporation” that must establish:

  • The business entity (e.g., corporation, partnership, etc.)
  • The corporation’s name (must include the word or abbreviation of “corporation,” “company,” or “incorporated”)
  • The street address and the mailing address of the initial principal office
  • The street address of the corporation’s initial registered office and the name of the registered agent at that office who will handle the legal matters on behalf of the corporation
  • How many shares the corporation is authorized to issue
  • Any preemptive rights to be granted to shareholders
  • The name and address of each incorporator

It is advisable to enlist legal help from an experienced corporate lawyer, as they can help you better understand the legal requirements for registering your business and how to draft the necessary corporate documents for approval. 

Brandon Stanko PA assists clients in all stages of the business formation process above, as well as:

  • Business advice for women-owned and minority-owned businesses
  • Filing with state agencies
  • Registered agent services
  • Governance matters (board of directors/shareholders)

Dissolving or Exiting the Business

Another stage of running a business that Brandon Stanko PA handles is dissolution. The firm provides advice on:

  • How to formally exit a business
  • Facilitating the transfer of a business
  • The laws, regulation, and process of dissolving and winding up the business

There are different ways to dissolve a business, and the specific method will depend on the type of business (e.g., a partnership, limited liability company, corporation). For all business dissolutions, though there is the “winding up” process that entails closing out all the business’ affairs and liabilities. 

For instance, dissolving a corporation can be done by the directors or incorporators filing Articles of Dissolution with the Florida Department of State. If the corporation has shareholders, these shareholders will need to vote on the dissolution.

The “winding up” process for dissolving a corporation includes:

  • disposing of the corporation’s property that will not be distributed in kind to the shareholders;
  • collecting the corporation’s assets;
  • notifying employees, vendors, creditors, and claimants;
  • discharging any debts and liabilities;
  • distributing remaining property among the relevant shareholders.

Brandon Stanko PA takes a holistic approach to business law and believes in quality legal service for businesses at every stage of their life cycle. There are a few necessary steps to take to legally close a business, and an experienced attorney can better guide you through the process and make sure all the business’s debts and assets are properly dealt with.

Protecting Your Business Needs

Beyond business formation and dissolution, Brandon Stanko PA also handles ongoing business needs like:

  • Changes in structure, services, or products
  • Contracts and leases
  • Corporate litigation
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures
  • Regulatory and compliance legal support
  • Risk mitigation
  • Entering a new product or service space
  • Drafting and reviewing new contracts
  • Seeking business or equity funding
  • Preparing private placement memorandums

Brandon Stanko PA has professional experience in both legal and business contexts. He has formerly worked with Southside Business Men’s Club and has a network of business experts for his corporate law services. When you are looking for legal counsel for your corporation, choose a lawyer who knows the business side of things as well as the legal.

To learn more about your next steps in your business law case, contact Brandon Stanko PA today.