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There is a need in your community and you feel strongly that you can help fill that need. You may want to form a charitable organization, a school, or a civic organization to help facilitate your work. Do you know which entity type or IRS exemption is best for the service you want to provide?

We understand that you want to be a good steward of the funds you raise, and hiring an attorney doesn’t feel like it fits. The truth is that hiring counsel early is a positive trait in the eyes of donors.

Our office has represented non-profit organizations of all sizes and at all stages of their life-cycle.  Non-profit organizations have all the same risks and responsibilities that a for-profit business has, but they also have additional regulations, sometimes both state and federal.

A not-for-profit business needs the advice of an attorney with experience navigating these regulations from pre-formation decisions to winding up the company and distributing its assets, or else it could jeopardize its tax-exempt standing.

We have:

  • Helped our clients to choose the correct entity type;
  • Assisted with the completion and filing of necessary paperwork with the IRS and state agencies;
  • Advised on what activities may lead to Unrelated Business Income tax issues;
  • Advised on sweepstakes versus contest issues and drafted terms and conditions for fundraising raffles;
  • Advised on corporate governance, e.g. meetings of the board of directors, shareholders, or members.
  • Assisted with drafting policies and procedures to limit the risk of non-compliance with laws and regulations.

Our office can help you plan your not-for-profit entity in a way that will allow you to achieve the greatest results while limiting the risk exposure faced by you, your board, and the entity itself.

  • Formation
  • Bylaws
  • Charitable Solicitation Applications
  • 501(c) Applications
  • Board Governance
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Contests & Sweepstakes

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