Legal Services for Specific Industries


Construction is a unique industry with its own set of challenges. Some questions that don't get asked until it is too late include: Are you personally protected if something goes wrong in the company? What do you do when someone doesn't pay? Is your contract prepared for a vendor who doesn't ...Legal Services for Construction


Many agencies and even contractor are unaware of the risk that can exist if you don't have the right contract or insurance coverage. Whether you are a marketing agency, a contracted contributor or in charge of your company's internal marketing, it's important to understand ...Legal Services for Marketing

Nonprofit and Not-for-profit

We understand that you want to be a good steward of the funds you raise and hiring an attorney doesn't feel like it fits. The truth is that proactive, preventative legal preparations help protect the funds you raise and is a positive trait in the eyes of donors. Our office has represented ...Legal Services for Nonprofit and Not-for-profit

Real Estate

Having an experienced attorney not only protects your investment, it can help it grow. Small to medium-sized businesses can run into a variety of real estate legal issues including zoning, variant, and alcohol licensing. These compliance issues can shut down a business, sometimes triggering ...Legal Services for Real Estate


Having a long-term relationship with a lawyer can help protect all of that. We understand that something as simple as a zoning or compliance issue shutting you down for a few days can be devastating. We want to help you grow, for you and for those that depend ...Legal Services for Restaurants


Retail is a complex environment. There are lots of areas that can trigger risk. Even something as simple as marketing a contest or giveaway has its own legal challenges. Everyday employees and customers come to your store. When something does happen, how do you protect against ...Legal Services for Retail

Startup Companies

Startups have a variety of needs from day one. It's important to understand how to properly register the corporate entity. This can affect how you are taxed, the protection of your personal assets, and even the ability to sell shares. Having the right lawyer for your business formation can make... ...Legal Services for Startup Companies


IT touches every part of a company, from sensitive data to daily operations. This is why it's vital for IT providers and contractors to have the right protection. Having the right attorney can make all the difference ...Legal Services for Technology